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by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
500,000,000+ installs

Android application Samsung Email developed by is listed under category Productivity. According to Google Play Samsung Email achieved more than 500,000,000 installs. Samsung Email currently has 46,949 ratings with average rating value of 3.517. The current percentage of ratings achieved in last 30 days is 8.08%, percentage of ratings achieved in last 60 days is 28.12%. Samsung Email has the current market position #9640 by number of ratings. A sample of the market history data for Samsung Email can be found below. Last update on 2018-11-17.

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Title:Samsung Email
Rating scores
Total ratings:46949
Growth (30 days):8.08%
Growth (60 days):28.12%
Average rating:3.517
App installs
Installs (achieved):500,000,000+
Installs (estimated):500,000,000
Rating values
5 star ratings:23,151
4 star ratings:4,645
3 star ratings:3,987
2 star ratings:3,658
1 star ratings:11,508

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Download level stats
2018-11-16: Android application Samsung Email achieved 500,000,000 installs.
2017-12-10: Android application Samsung Email achieved 100,000,000 installs.
2017-09-21: Android application Samsung Email achieved 50,000,000 installs.
2017-04-01: Android application Samsung Email achieved 10,000,000 installs.
2017-03-21: Android application Samsung Email achieved 5,000,000 installs.
2017-02-20: Android application Samsung Email achieved 10,000 installs.

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If you have an issue not to see the detail view in the latest Chrome webview v70.x, please use v.69.x by downgrading. we are preparing to make improvements for Chrome webview v70.x. Please follow below guide.

google playstore - search "google chrome" - option on right top -uncheck "enable auto upgrade"
Settings > Apps > Chrome > “uninstall updates” in more option

This update is available for Samsung Mobile with Android O OS.

Samsung Email enables users to manage multiple personal and business email accounts seamlessly. Samsung Email also offers EAS integration for business, encryption using S/MIME to safeguard data and ease-of-use features such as insightful notifications, SPAM management. Furthermore, organizations can administer various policies as needed. 
Key features
· POP3 and IMAP support for managing personal email accounts
· Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) integration for synchronizing Exchange Server based business email, calendars, contacts and tasks
· Encryption using S/MIME for secure email communication

Additional features
· Customizable user experience with notifications, schedule synchronization, SPAM management, and combined mailboxes
· Policy administration with comprehensive, built-in EAS support
· Conversation and thread view to read related mail

--- Regarding the App Access Permission ---

The following permissions are required for the app service. For optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is turned on, but not allowed.

[Required permissions]
- None

[Optional permissions]
- Camera: Used to attach photos to email
- Location: Used to attach current location information to email
- Contacts: Used to link email recipients/senders with contacts and synchronize contact information when using Microsoft Exchange account
- SMS: Used to provide SMS synchronization function when using Microsoft Exchange account
- Storage: Used to attach files to email or save attached files

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