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Founded in 2011, grew out of a vision of collecting interesting market stats on android apps, developers and history. Androidrank provides unique statistics, android application rankings and app rank reviews based on public data of Google Play. We present custom android application statistics, developer profiles and android app comparison overview. Our web navigation and services are constantly improving. We also provide custom android market data exports. Currently we are indexing over 200.000 applications. Androidrank is the web portal providing the open android market statistics for free. Androidrank brings unique open android market statistics since 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Androidrank?
Androidrank is a free service that lets anyone to see historical data of android market.

Q: Where do the data come from?
The data displayed on portal come from data displayed on web of Google Play (formerly Anroid Market).

Q: How to get an app indexed on Androidrank?
Currently, we do not provide a way to add apps manually. The app is indexed as soon as it pass basic criteria of our process, which is to have at least 100 ratings on Google Play.

Most installed android apps

List of android apps with most installs. Below is the list of apps which achieved 100 million installs on Google Play.

Market icon Title Category Installs Achieved on
Google Play services Tools 1000 million 2014-01-29
Gmail Communication 1000 million 2014-05-10
Maps - Navigation & Transit Travel and Local 1000 million 2014-06-06
YouTube Video Players 1000 million 2014-07-18
Facebook Social 1000 million 2014-08-28
Google Tools 1000 million 2014-12-02
Google+ Social 1000 million 2014-12-27
Google Text-to-speech Tools 1000 million 2015-03-11
WhatsApp Messenger Communication 1000 million 2015-03-12
Google Play Books Books and Reference 1000 million 2015-06-01
Messenger Communication 1000 million 2015-06-11
Hangouts Communication 1000 million 2015-06-20
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure Communication 1000 million 2015-06-26
Google Play Games Entertainment 1000 million 2015-08-17
Google TalkBack Tools 1000 million 2015-08-18
Google Play Music Music and Audio 1000 million 2015-08-23
Google Play Newsstand News and Magazines 1000 million 2015-09-20
Google Play Movies & TV Video Players 1000 million 2015-10-01
Google Drive Productivity 1000 million 2015-10-12
Samsung Push Service Communication 1000 million 2016-04-09
Instagram Social 1000 million 2016-08-16
Android System WebView Tools 1000 million 2017-04-01
Google Street View Travel and Local 500 million 2013-10-28
Skype - free IM & video calls Communication 500 million 2015-02-23
Clean Master - Antivirus Tools 500 million 2015-08-17
Subway Surfers Arcade 500 million 2015-08-23
Dropbox Productivity 500 million 2016-01-09
Candy Crush Saga Casual 500 million 2016-01-15
Viber Messenger Communication 500 million 2016-04-20
Twitter News and Magazines 500 million 2016-04-26
LINE: Free Calls & Messages Communication 500 million 2016-05-22
HP Print Service Plugin Productivity 500 million 2016-06-11
Google Photos Photography 500 million 2016-08-16
Flipboard: News For Any Topic News and Magazines 500 million 2016-09-10
Samsung Print Service Plugin Productivity 500 million 2016-11-12
Super-Bright LED Flashlight Productivity 500 million 2016-12-09
Gboard - the Google Keyboard Tools 500 million 2016-12-26
Cloud Print Productivity 500 million 2017-01-01
Snapchat Social 500 million 2017-03-01
Pou Casual 500 million 2017-05-01