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Android application TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes developed by is listed under category Trivia. According to Google Play TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes achieved more than 1,000,000 installs. TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes currently has 417,092 ratings with average rating value of 4.575. The current percentage of ratings achieved in last 30 days is 0.0%, percentage of ratings achieved in last 60 days is 0.0%. TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes has the current market position #1325 by number of ratings. A sample of the market history data for TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes can be found below. Last update on 2018-07-02.

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Title:TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes
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Total ratings:417092
Growth (30 days):0.0%
Growth (60 days):0.0%
Average rating:4.575
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Installs (achieved):1,000,000+
Installs (estimated):4,192,890
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5 star ratings:319,113
4 star ratings:52,801
3 star ratings:24,591
2 star ratings:6,861
1 star ratings:13,726


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Give yourself a pat on the back; you’ve just stumbled across the only app in Appdom which actively rewards you for knowing a whole lot about nothing. Finally reap the benefits of that evening you spent watching that documentary about wasps in between pages of Jade Goodie’s autobiography. You knew it would come in handy one day, didn’t you? Well, that day has come.

Nailing the difficult task of being in existence, rewarding and completely free, TVSMILES is the quiz app, which offers amazing rewards just for playing with your phone.

Packed with over 30,000 questions covering everything from sport to sex and celebrities to TV, we want to test the outer limits of your knowledge as you take on exciting Challenges to earn valuable Smiles, TVSMILES’ in-app digital currency.

And at TVSMILES, we put our money where our mouth is; literally: £120,000 worth of prizes are given away every single month! Just answer questions, bank your Smiles and head to the shop whenever you choose to exchange them for a range of awesome products, including:

• Sony Playstation 4
• Microsoft XBOX One
• Nintendo 3DS
• Nintendo WII
• iPhones
• Tablets
• PayPal and Amazon vouchers

Challenges about well-known brands and their products are also sprinkled throughout the app, so be sure to keep an eye out for these. From time to time these Challenges may require a little extra legwork, but the Smiles rewards are much greater!

Download the free TVSMILES app to your smartphone now and start playing towards your dream reward right away. Trust us, if you can tolerate our attempts to be funny, you deserve every Smile!

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Game rules:

For complaints or a general pat on the back (praise) we can be reached at

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2015-01-17: Android application TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes achieved 1,000,000 installs.
2014-04-28: Android application TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes achieved 500,000 installs.
2013-11-25: Android application TVSMILES - Quiz and Prizes achieved 100,000 installs.

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