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Android application Pinterest developed by is listed under category Social. According to Google Play Pinterest achieved more than 100,000,000 installs. Pinterest currently has 4,659,988 ratings with average rating value of 4.624. The current percentage of ratings achieved in last 30 days is 2.71%, percentage of ratings achieved in last 60 days is 4.83%. Pinterest has the current market position #109 by number of ratings. A sample of the market history data for Pinterest can be found below. Last update on 2018-11-17.

Android application info
Rating scores
Total ratings:4659988
Growth (30 days):2.71%
Growth (60 days):4.83%
Average rating:4.624
App installs
Installs (achieved):100,000,000+
Installs (estimated):294,483,414
Rating values
5 star ratings:3,559,781
4 star ratings:744,050
3 star ratings:178,290
2 star ratings:60,820
1 star ratings:117,047

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Download level stats
2016-03-27: Android application Pinterest achieved 100,000,000 installs.
2015-01-17: Android application Pinterest achieved 50,000,000 installs.
2013-02-09: Android application Pinterest achieved 10,000,000 installs.
2012-11-05: Android application Pinterest achieved 5,000,000 installs.
2012-08-23: Android application Pinterest achieved 1,000,000 installs.
2012-08-20: Android application Pinterest achieved 500,000 installs.
2012-08-16: Android application Pinterest achieved 100,000 installs.

Total number of ratings
Total number of active users rated for Pinterest.

Total number of installs (*estimated)
Estimation of total number of installs on Google Play. Approximated from number of ratings and install bounds achieved on Google Play.

Average rating
Average rating value on Google Play. Given by active users of the application.

Market lead percentage
Ratings count comparing to the market leading app.

Rating distribution
Rating distribution given by active users.

Price history stats
History statistics on app prices for Pinterest.


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