LINE: Free Calls & Messages

by LINE Corporation
500,000,000+ installs

Android application LINE: Free Calls & Messages developed by is listed under category Communication. According to Google Play LINE: Free Calls & Messages achieved more than 500,000,000 installs. LINE: Free Calls & Messages currently has 11,108,195 ratings with average rating value of 4.186. The current percentage of ratings achieved in last 30 days is 0.54%, percentage of ratings achieved in last 60 days is 1.94%. LINE: Free Calls & Messages has the current market position #26 by number of ratings. A sample of the market history data for LINE: Free Calls & Messages can be found below. Last update on 2018-11-17.

Android application info
Title:LINE: Free Calls & Messages
Rating scores
Total ratings:11108195
Growth (30 days):0.54%
Growth (60 days):1.94%
Average rating:4.186
App installs
Installs (achieved):500,000,000+
Installs (estimated):782,581,167
Rating values
5 star ratings:6,812,128
4 star ratings:1,880,862
3 star ratings:1,026,568
2 star ratings:450,185
1 star ratings:938,452

Country Rankings

Rank in category Communication:



screenshot of LINE: Free Calls & Messagesscreenshot of LINE: Free Calls & Messagesscreenshot of LINE: Free Calls & Messagesscreenshot of LINE: Free Calls & Messagesscreenshot of LINE: Free Calls & Messagesscreenshot of LINE: Free Calls & Messagesscreenshot of LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Download level stats
2016-05-22: Android application LINE: Free Calls & Messages achieved 500,000,000 installs.
2013-07-19: Android application LINE: Free Calls & Messages achieved 100,000,000 installs.
2013-02-02: Android application LINE: Free Calls & Messages achieved 50,000,000 installs.
2012-03-09: Android application LINE: Free Calls & Messages achieved 10,000,000 installs.

Total number of ratings
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Total number of installs (*estimated)
Estimation of total number of installs on Google Play. Approximated from number of ratings and install bounds achieved on Google Play.

Average rating
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LINE reshapes communication around the globe, allowing you to enjoy not only messaging but also free voice and video calls wherever you find yourself.

Download LINE and discover the reasons for its global popularity and number one ranking in 52 countries.

LINE's latest features

★ Intimate conversations or large round tables can happen anywhere with group video calls
Chat with up to 200 friends in your group simultaneously! Enjoy face to face video chats with friends as well!

★ Use polls to quickly see what your friends think
From where to meet to what to eat, avoid lengthy discussions and make decisions easily by creating a poll.

LINE's main features

★ Free voice and video calls anywhere, anytime
Enjoy great quality calls at no charge, no matter where you are. Even international calls with up to 200 people at the same time are completely free! Use effects and filters for even more fun during video calls. (Note that this feature may not be available on certain devices.)

★ Convenient chats where anything is possible
Share messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, and locations easily with friends.

★ Fun and easy-to-use social networking features
From messages and photos to videos and locations, share your daily moments with friends on Timeline!

★ Find the world's most popular characters at the Sticker Shop
Browse hundreds of popular free stickers plus adorable stickers of the world's favorite characters! Choose from a variety of LINE sticker sets to liven up your messages in your own unique way.

★ Auto-sync your device and PC
Whether on the go with the mobile version or connected to the desktop version using your PC or Mac, your LINE chats are always up-to-date and synced automatically across all versions.

★ Your own personal storage space: Keep
Store messages, photos, videos, and more in Keep where you can easily share them with friends.

★ Stay informed with LINE official accounts
Connect directly with your favorite celebrities and companies by friending their official accounts.

★ Get connected to new apps
LINE provides a gateway to entertainment and lifestyle apps that will keep you entertained and bring new convenience to your life.

★ Make international calls with LINE Out
Place international calls to mobile phones and landlines at low rates. You can even call friends who aren't on LINE.
Plus, enjoy free calls after watching ads with LINE Out Free.

■ We recommend using a data plan or connecting to Wi-Fi as you may incur data usage fees otherwise.
■ Please also use LINE with Android OS versions 4.4 and above to enjoy LINE to the fullest extent.

If your network speed is too slow or you don't have enough device storage, LINE may not install properly.

If this happens, please check your connection and try again.

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